RSK International School having the vision to provide
high standard education with all discipline.

To make higher pedestal among the topmost schools in India.

To make the school a place for inspired learning where the following is imparted and nurtured.

Freedom of Thoughts and Ideas.

Academic excellence, physical fitness and psychological wellbeing to respect fellow human beings.
Inculcate green concepts in every sphere of learning.
To love and respect the culture and heritage of the country.
To get confidence to travel in their respective field of interest to reach the topmost spot of the ladder.
To cultivate the habits and self-discipline.
Creativity in approach and learning which permits children to think above and beyond.

It is our mission to make The RSK International School, one of the finest schools in this country by promoting and preserving a unique character and identity for the school. Fostering the best practice in every aspect of our school provision.