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While we recognise that examinations are helpful in ascertaining what children know and teaching them accordingly,the school is not “too much ” examination – oriented.The following points summarise the RSKIS’s policy on examinations.

Assessment and Reporting

The RSK student Assessment and Reporting system provides information about the student’s progress to the teacher, the student and the parents on a regular and systematic basis. Student’s assessment takes places regularly and both formative and summative. There is a grading system for assignment and periodic tests given to the students. The presentations and projects by the students will also be graded. These grades have equal weightage with the annual examination and will appear on the reports.

The priority and commitment

Children of lower classes (Pre-primary to class V ) do not have formal examinations, but they will be assessed for achievement level periodically and end of the year.

Maintaining the Standard

Apart from providing a brief profile of the student, a detailed comment on the student's performance in each subject and in co-curricular activities are added. These are issued at the end of each term.

Beyond Academics

Education at RSKIS goes for beyond the classrooms. We believe that students should be participated in activities which will promote their all-round development and enhance their personal well-being.

Every day, afternoon hours at the school shall be devoted to these activities. All students, boarded, and days-scholars, have to participate in such activities. OfCourse counselling and professional guidance shall be offered to children and their parents regarding the choice of programs.

The priority and commitment

Therefore, programs of cultural activities, appreciation of fine arts, sport, community service are mandatory for all students in RSKIS.

Maintaining the Standard

We Provide or customize the events according to the Parents or gradiences requirements, and further the performance and the reports are evaluated and discussed to the respected incharges.

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